FREE Shipping on All Orders


1. Do you deliver internationally?
Yes! We deliver to almost every country!

2. Can I receive a discount for promoting your store?

Absolutely! We love when our users promote our store! All you have to do is tag us either on Facebook or Instagram and contact either our live chat or and we'll send you a discount coupon you can use on your next purchase!

3. Do you provide tracking info?
Of course! You should see it appear in your order within 24-48 hours.
(depending on if you order on a weekend or holiday)

What is your average shipping time?
We try to fulfill your order as soon as possible, usually taking us no more than 24 hours to process your order. Once the order has been processed, please allow for up to 2-3 weeks for delivery if international or if you ordered an item that has sold out, as it takes 5-7 days for us to receive new stock on low inventory orders, before we can ship it out to you!
If in the US, expect up to 10 business days with FREE shipping!
5. Yikes! I made a mistake in my order!
If you made and error in your order, please email us at Our system process orders immediately, unless special modifications are requested, so if you let us know early enough, we will do our very best to change your order.
6. I ordered multiple items. Why did they arrive separately?
While not common, some items are shipped individually simply because it makes logistics easier and may be due to the fragility or sensitivity of some items. Do not worry, your other products are on their way and will arrive shortly!

7. What is your Return Policy?
You can check out our returns policy here 

Please note: Free Offers/Giveaways - Any "Free + Shipping" offers are non-refundable.